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These stories were well-liked because of the mysteries they solved!
These stories were well-liked because of the mysteries they solved

Most who appreciate the human mind can appreciate a good mystery, and, in fact, that is how the mystery genre came about. Mystery fiction is a genre in literature that focuses on someone solving a puzzle or a crime. It is also commonly referred to as crime fiction or detective fiction for this reason.

The genre includes novels and short stories that are written for a special kind of audience, because people who read mysteries expect the standard rules for the genre:

  • A realistic, yet suspenseful plot with a lot of twists
  • A shocking, yet realistic crime
  • Foreshadowing evidence
  • False leads
  • A clear crime solver, AKA the protagonist or detective
  • An unexpected villain, criminal, or culprit
  • The mystery will not get solved until the very last minute
  • For the most part, things will work out in the end
  • In any mystery story, however, just remember that there are three basic questions to be answered: 'What happened? How did it happen? Who did it?'

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