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Action and adventure, Children's, Comic book, Fantasy, Historical fiction, Romance, Philosophy and More!

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Flip Books

Read Beautiful Rich Media Flipping Books.
Ancient Books
Great Vedas and Epics Books of Ancient India!
Art Books
India’s greats classic culture art, poetry, literature and music!
Biography Books
A biography provides a life story of a subject!
Children's Books
Genres in Children's Literature!
Comics Books
Tamil Comics Books Collection!
Drama Books
Drama is the specific mode of fiction represented in performance!
Fiction Books
Realistic fiction, Fantasy, Science fiction, Mystery and Folktales!
General Books
Books has reliable and accurate information!
Historical Fiction Books
The Best Historical Fiction Books of All Time!
History Books
Memory, Discovery, Collection, Organization and Presentation!
Horror Books
Horror is a genre of speculative fiction!
Mystery Books
These stories were well-liked because of the mysteries they solved!
Poetry Books
An endless amounts of styles using endless amounts of techniques!
Philosophy Books
Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental questions!
Romantic Fiction Books
Romances is central love story and an emotionally satisfying ending!
Science Books
Science is simply too young to understand!
Self-Help Books
Best self-help books of all-time!
Short Story Books
Tamil Inspiring Short Stories!
Sports Books
Association football, Cricket, Field hockey, Tennis and More!
Thriller Books
Thriller stories collections!
Travel Books
Life is a journey. Make the best of it!